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Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.


The company advocates: customer first, reputation first, people-oriented; courageous innovation, hard work, integrity management service tenet, keep pace with the times, deliberately innovate, continuously develop product market space, build a strategic platform for sustainable development, to excellent The products and quality services are sincerely rewarding users and giving back to the society. Based on the domestic market and facing the world, we have continuously developed new products, formed a long-term stable development, fast and effective sales and service network, and established a loyal, long-lasting and cooperative relationship with our customers. Utilizing a global network system, we will bring together first-class talent elites to provide excellent and perfect services to our customers with first-class professional quality and dedication.

We follow the philosophy that "the value of human beings is higher than the value of things, the common value is higher than the price of individuals, the value of customers and society is higher than the value of corporate profits", and the continuous efforts are made for the development of China's automation industry and the improvement of technology. 

Core value

Seeking new ones--cognizing your own gaps, seeking new ideas, learning new theories, mastering new methods

Seeking change--transforming new concepts, new theories, and new methods into operational resources that meet the actual needs of Weibai

Pragmatic--Apply the transformed new ideas, new theories and new methods to work practice

Innovation--from quantitative change to qualitative change, work breakthrough, upgrade to a new level, and form a new development advantage