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Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Automobile industry

  With the continuous improvement of labor costs, more and more companies are faced with the problem of using automated solutions instead of manpower to complete more and more complex work, to achieve the goal of improving production efficiency, improving product quality and reducing costs.

  As a professional automated logistics system engineering company, we design, manufacture and install a variety of automation equipment suitable for customer business and logistics requirements. The products cover various material conveying equipment, assembly lines, production lines and their supporting special planes. We offer our customers comprehensive automation solutions by integrating various mechanical equipment, industrial robots, machine vision, inspection systems and control systems.

  We have a professional technical team and rich industry experience to provide a full range of services to our customers throughout the implementation of the project. Providing solutions with the best price/performance ratio for our customers' production and automation needs is always our number one priority. Whether it's overall automation system planning or after-sales support, our sales, technical and engineering teams are ready to serve you.

  Years of system implementation experience has made us well aware of the importance of production lines and automation systems to the enterprise. Therefore, from system planning to after-sales service, we strive for excellence and ensure that our customers are from the products and services we provide. Get the most value.