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Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.


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Service industry

Service industry

Automotive industry: As a professional automation system company, we design, manufacture and install a variety of automation equipment suitable for customer business and logistics requirements. The products cover various material conveying equipment, assembly lines, production lines and their supporting special planes. We offer our customers comprehensive automation solutions by integrating various mechanical equipment, industrial robots, machine vision, inspection systems and control systems.

Logistics transportation industry: traction AGV, logistics AGV, the third generation industrial modeling logistics AGV integrates the sense of power and trend, has process aesthetics, realizes the control of the path through magnetic navigation, and has the following advantages in practical application: The gradual silk screen texture effect on the side of the body enhances the overall technology of the AGV. Logistics transportation greatly promotes the circulation of goods, the cost savings, and the improvement of the core competitiveness of enterprises in the development of our national economy. Various material conveying equipment, assembly lines, production lines and their supporting special planes. Industry 4.0 production logistics takes the three-dimensional warehouse and transportation line as the core, and focuses on the traditional industries such as metallurgy and casting, packaging and printing, textile manufacturing and other emerging industries, food and sanitary products, and other intelligent logistics solutions in the production process. The means to effectively improve the manufacturing level within the factory and provide customers with intelligence.

Welding automation industry: Welding automation equipment started from resistance spot welding and thin-plate arc welding of automobile equipment production line. The welding process of engineering machinery is mainly arc welding of medium and heavy plate structural parts, while the welding process of petrochemical industry uses long-distance pipeline. Gas-fired welding, arc welding and surfacing welding of special materials for refining and chemical equipment. Intelligent body welding flexible production system uses MES production management system for data distribution, information interaction, welding and wire body RFID production pull, combined with robots, multi-model automatic switching equipment to work together to achieve multi-model automatic flexible production, intelligent, network Control is the core and solves customer requirements.

Industrial visual inspection: Through visual image analysis means, it realizes functions such as automatic control, defect detection, visual guidance, barcode recognition, etc. in the industrial field, effectively replacing traditional mechanized, high-intensity eye injury procedures, reducing personnel input and optimizing staffing. . The robot vision application technology uses the high-definition camera to realize the accurate position judgment of the non-positioning workpiece. After the robot receives the signal, the robot installs a special hand claw customized for the workpiece to reliably grasp the workpiece and communicate with the machine tool. After the request is made, the machine is finally loaded and unloaded.

Intelligent Manufacturing: The intelligent manufacturing industry chain covers intelligent equipment (robots, CNC machine tools, service robots, other automation equipment, such as robot sorting technology using sensors, objective lenses and electro-optical systems to quickly sort goods. Main features: (1) It can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. (2) The sorting error rate is extremely low. (3) The sorting operation is basically unmanned.), Industrial Internet (machine vision, sensors, RFID, industrial Ethernet), industrial Software (ERP/MES/DCS, etc.), 3D printing, and automation system integration and production line integration that combine these links.

Glass industry: Looking at the development status of the glass industry, it can be expressed by "stable progress, steady and good, better and better". Glass demand is mainly from the three major areas of real estate, automotive and electronics.

Home appliance industry: China is the world's largest consumer electronics market, with many production companies and perfect industrial chains. The industrial space is large enough and the development space is broad. The home appliance industry is also a representative of China's manufacturing industry.