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Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.


Service support

Service Content

Service Content

Service Content

  Kunshan Went's service to users has been introduced from the previous technical solutions to installation guidance, equipment joint debugging, operation and operation, operation and maintenance training, and future maintenance and upgrades throughout the entire process.
  After the contract is signed, the company assigns a special person to be the project manager, and is responsible for the overall coordination of the project schedule, design and manufacture, drawing documents, manufacturing confirmation, packaging and transportation, on-site installation, and adjustment of test and acceptance.
  Each project has a “site work plan”, and the time and number of on-site work are arranged according to the actual situation. The pre-sales and after-sales technical service personnel led by the engineers are sent to the site for implementation, and adjusted according to the actual progress of the users.

Pre-sales services: mainly provide technical consulting, engineering design and other services
(1) Provide detailed information on the products.
(2) Answer product technical issues.
(3) Provide a floppy disk for the drawing.
(4) Cooperate with the user-designated design department to carry out engineering design and hold a design liaison meeting.
(5) Inquiry and quotation services.

After-sales service: mainly provide installation and commissioning, user training, maintenance and other services

(1) After the equipment arrives, both parties jointly unpack the box and check the host and accessories according to the factory list.

(2) Guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment within the time limit specified in the contract.

(3) After the installation and commissioning are completed, both parties will check and accept the items on the certificate, and carry out the typical workpiece processing acceptance.

(4) Train the user's operating technicians as needed.

(5) Respond to customer needs and solve customer problems at any time.