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Welding Automation Industry

1. The welding automation industry is an emerging industry and is currently in its infancy.

Although since the 1990s, with the further maturity of the socialist market economy, China's welding industry has made great progress, but welding automation is still in its infancy as an emerging industry. At present, China still uses traditional manual welding. The welding automation rate is only about 30%, and there is a big gap with 80% of developed industrial countries. The future development potential is huge and the prospect is broad.

2. The main application areas of welding automation equipment

The large-scale application of welding automation equipment began with resistance spot welding and thin-plate arc welding of automobile equipment production lines. After years of development, at present, the welding automation production line of the automobile industry, especially the OEM, represents the highest level of manufacturing automation today, but since China's automobile production line is basically imported from abroad, the welding process and system integration of foreign manufacturers in this field are also available. The field has accumulated a wealth of engineering experience, so the welding automation equipment used in the automotive manufacturing field is basically monopolized by foreign manufacturers.

In the petrochemical industry, with the increasing demand for energy in the world and the concern for national oil security, China is also accelerating the implementation of the oil reserve strategy. As an important technical means for oil and petrochemical engineering construction, welding technology, in the process of rapid development along with petroleum and petrochemical industry, although it is ahead of other industries in terms of technical level, key welding materials and welding equipment in key application areas are still serious. Relying on imports, there are still gaps and deficiencies in the overall R&D speed and innovation level of key technologies and products with China's independent intellectual property rights. The welding automation equipment market has a broad space.

In the construction machinery industry, China's construction machinery industry has experienced rapid growth in the past ten years, and the industry's sales have increased by 8.1 times. At present, it has grown into the world's largest production and sales country of construction machinery. In recent years, with the increasing competition in the industry, the continuous improvement of labor costs, and the development of products to large-scale, complicated, high-quality and short delivery requirements, the market growth of enterprises in the industry will face from quantitative to qualitative. The transformation has made the construction machinery industry urgently need to change production methods. At the same time, the scale of production, batch production and standardization of construction machinery products are suitable for large-scale application of welding automation equipment. Therefore, China's construction machinery industry has gradually begun to apply welding automation equipment on a large scale, and market demand is continuing to heat up.

The spot welding and thin-plate arc welding of automobile production are the main ones. The welding process of engineering machinery is mainly the arc welding of medium and heavy plate structural parts, while the welding process of petrochemical industry is the welding of special materials of long-distance pipelines and refining equipment. Welding, arc welding and surfacing are the main types. The petrochemical industry has higher control level and welding trajectory, multi-level and multi-angle welding requirements for welding automation equipment, and is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, high quality and process digitalization, automation and intelligent control.

3. Competition pattern of welding automation industry

The welding automation industry is an emerging industry in China and has gradually developed from the introduction of foreign welding automation equipment. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the independent research and development capabilities of domestic superior enterprises, China has basically reached the international level in the system integration of welding technology equipment such as welding robot equipment for medium and heavy plate structural parts, welding automation special equipment and all-position pipe welding equipment. Advanced level, domestic welding automation equipment with the advantage of cost performance, import substitution trend is obvious. However, due to the late start of China's welding automation industry, there are still considerable gaps in the high-end digital welding power supply, welding robot unit, high-grade welding torch and other unit technologies, and some need to rely on imports. At the same time, nuclear power nuclear islands and rail transit, etc. In some high-end applications, the welding automation market is still dominated by foreign companies such as French Polysoude and Austrian IGM.