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Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Intelligent manufacturing

  The intelligent manufacturing industry chain covers intelligent equipment (robots, CNC machine tools, service robots, other automation equipment), industrial Internet (machine vision, sensors, RFID, industrial Ethernet), industrial software (ERP/MES/DCS, etc.), 3D printing and Integrate the automation system integration and production line integration of the above links.

  Intelligent manufacturing development needs to go through four stages of automation, informationization, interconnection and intelligence. The development of intelligent manufacturing needs to go through different stages. Each stage corresponds to the continuous maturity of a core link in the intelligent manufacturing system. Since Germany put forward the "Industry 4.0" strategy, countries have begun to vigorously develop manufacturing, and China has promulgated "Intelligence." Manufacturing 2025" can be regarded as the Chinese version of "Industry 4.0". However, at present, China's manufacturing industry still has a certain gap between the developed countries and the developed countries. For the time being, China is still in the later stage of “Industrial 2.0” (Electrification), “Industrial 3.0” (informatization) has yet to be further popularized, and “Industry 4.0” (intelligent) is trying to do some demonstration and manufacturing as much as possible. Automation and informatization are gradually being laid out.

  The development of smart manufacturing in China started late, but in recent years the government and enterprises have begun to focus on the development of smart manufacturing. The country's continuous improvement of the industrial policy of developing intelligent manufacturing is based on the development of advanced manufacturing as the core objective, and the planning and manufacturing of a strong country. The intelligent manufacturing industry system has gradually taken shape. In 2016, industrial automation control systems and instrumentation, CNC machine tools, industrial robots and other equipment industries. In addition, it has also achieved a number of breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing technology, including robotics, sensing technology, and intelligent information processing technology, and established a number of national R&D bases. However, some key technologies of intelligent manufacturing still rely on imports, and their ability to innovate independently is still weak.

  As China's manufacturing industry gradually shows a stable development trend, the intelligent manufacturing industry has become one of the main driving forces driving China's manufacturing industry. Therefore, the "13th Five-Year Plan for China's Intelligent Manufacturing" reflects that in the future, China's smart manufacturing will play an increasingly important role in the manufacturing industry, and the value of the intelligent manufacturing industry in China's manufacturing industry. The ratio will occupy a larger share. In 2010-2016, China's intelligent manufacturing industry maintained a relatively fast growth rate. By 2016, the output value of China's intelligent manufacturing industry was 122.33 billion yuan; the future is brighter. . . .