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Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Logistics transportation industry

  As a new business, the logistics industry has greatly promoted the circulation of goods, the cost savings, and the improvement of the core competitiveness of enterprises in the development of the national economy. New industries and opportunities have brought huge demand for talents in the logistics industry. Various materials show that there are many shortcomings in the cultivation of talents in the industry as a source of talents and training places for the logistics industry. The type of business, value-added services and special services suitable for customers' needs will gain more development space, and the development of specialized logistics will be deeper. The emphasis on supply chain management by manufacturing and trading companies will promote the penetration of logistics companies into the professional field and accelerate the linkage with the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Logistics enterprises are developing their value-added and innovative businesses in response to the individualized needs of their customers. The brand value of independent logistics services is becoming more and more important.

  Enterprise logistics is still the focus of logistics activities in the whole society, but the socialization trend of enterprise logistics is obvious. Under the pressure of rising costs, more and more manufacturing companies have begun to attach great importance to the integration of logistics functions from a strategic perspective. The industry that separates the outsourcing logistics business has expanded from the home appliances, electronics, fast-moving consumer goods and other enterprises in the past few years to upstream enterprises such as steel, building materials and automobiles. The outsourcing links from sales logistics to supply logistics, production logistics, and recycling logistics, from simple warehousing and transportation business outsourcing to supply chain integration. Manufacturing enterprises and logistics enterprises will strengthen in-depth cooperation and form strategic partnerships, and the degree of logistics socialization in China will be further improved.

  The specialization trend of enterprise logistics is also quite obvious. Many enterprises, especially commercial enterprises, are increasing their investment and strengthening their logistics functions. Almost all large-scale chain companies are trying to optimize their professional supply chain. Some manufacturers with strong brands, such as Haier, Lenovo, Shuanghui, etc., have developed a large number of chain stores, and correspondingly develop their own logistics distribution network. Manufacturing companies have put forward high-end logistics service requirements for third-party logistics, requiring logistics companies to provide specialized solutions and operational models.