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Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Wente Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile:

With the continuous improvement of labor costs, more and more companies are faced with the problem of using automated solutions instead of manpower to complete more and more complex work, to achieve the goal of improving production efficiency, improving product quality and reducing costs.

As a professional automation system engineering company, we design, manufacture and install a variety of automation equipment suitable for customer business and logistics requirements. The products cover various material conveying equipment, assembly lines, production lines and their supporting special planes. We offer our customers comprehensive automation solutions by integrating various mechanical equipment, industrial robots, machine vision, inspection systems and control systems.

Jobs: Electrical Engineer / Mechanical Engineer

Terms of service:

1. Education: Bachelor degree or above.

2. professional: automation professional, mechanical design or related majors.

3. Skills: Strong analytical and independent work ability, good at learning and summing up experience;

Proficiency in the use of 2D CAD software, 3D software, etc.;

Familiar with the selection of components such as motors, cylinders, lead screws and guide rails.

4. Personality requirements: Responsible, responsible for work, and unite colleagues.

5. Professional ethics: loyalty and trustworthiness to the company.


Electrical Responsibilities:

1. Mechanical and electrical integration and automation related majors.

2. The electrical control design of non-standard mechanical equipment must be completed independently.

3. Familiar with electrical standard specifications, familiar with PLC, touch screen, inverter, servo and other electronic control components and pneumatic components.

4. Responsible for the design of electrical control system, part selection and related programming.

5. Must have basic knowledge of machinery, strong learning ability, certain hands-on ability, strong teamwork ability and execution ability.

6. have automation project debugging experience and can adapt to regular business trips abroad.


Mechanical job responsibilities

1. Design of non-standard mechanical structure, mechanical parts, standard part selection and material selection.

2. Organize technical literature and write technical documents.

3. Participate in the project plan demonstration; proofread and review the design drawings of other engineers.

4. Solve the technical problems that arise during the design, manufacture, assembly, installation and commissioning of the project;

Write relevant technical documents (including specifications, technical terms, functional acceptance forms, operating instructions).

5. Undertake the development and research of new products;

Complete the tasks assigned.


Contact: Wang Hongyan

Tel: 0512-36865248 36684486-801

Mobile phone: 180-6807-3337

Mailbox: wanghy@vectec.com.cn